J.R. Smith’s NBA Finals Game 1 Meltdown Jersey Sells for $23K

J.R. Smith

Game 1 Meltdown Jersey

Sells For $23,500!!

6/22/2018 6:32 AM PDT

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How much dough would you cough up to own a piece of the biggest boneheaded play of 2018??

For one fan, the magic number is a whoppin’ $23,548!! … ’cause that’s what J.R. Smith‘s NBA Finals Game 1 jersey sold for Thursday night … TMZ Sports has learned.

ICYMI — the bidding started at $620 … but things started heating up on the final day of bidding, with the number reaching around $11k … then DOUBLING before the auction closed.

J.R. Smith's NBA Finals Game 1 Meltdown Jersey Sells for $23K

To put things into perspective, LeBron James‘ Game 1 threads — which he wore during his historic 51-point performance — fetched $100,322 … but that was probably bought for different reasons.

No word on the identity of the person who snatched up the J.R. jersey — but we’re guessing only a Warriors fan would want this memento.