Saints Star Alvin Kamara Covers Both Legs In Big-Ass Tattoos

Saints Star Alvin Kamara

Big-Ass Tattoos

Covering Both Legs Now!!

6/23/2018 12:05 AM PDT

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NFL defenders will at least have something nice to look at as Alvin Kamara runs by them next season … ’cause the Saints star just finished up his second leg sleeve — and it’s sick.

AK had his whole right leg tatted a while ago, decked out with faces, a saber-tooth cat and tribal elements.

But the running back went under the needle again this week to get his left leg done … and it’s even more dope, with a warrior inside of a saber-tooth cat’s mouth on his knee cap.

It doesn’t seem to be an accident the new ink’s face has a big-ass bull ring in its nose either … ’cause Kamara’s known around the NFL for the piercing.

Only question now is — will all that ink on his legs slow him down in Year 2?!

Sean Payton sure hopes not.